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Pharmaceutical & Microbiological Laboratory Support

Horizon Pharmaceuticals has the capabilities to perform many pharmaceutical development and microbiological services and procedures. These services are especially valuable for startups.

Pharmaceutical Development

Our pharmaceutical development laboratory is fully equipped to provide the following:

Method Development
Raw Material Product Testing
Stability Testing & Storage

Comprehensive Process Development & Validation
Complete Analytical Chemistry, Microbiological, & Quality Control Support
Method Validation


Our microbiological laboratory is fully equipped to provide the following:

Membrane Filtration/Total Plate Count USP <61>
Microbial Limits Tests USP <62>
Sterility Testing USP <71>
Class 100 (ISO Class 5) Sterility Suite For Product Testing

Bacteriostasis & Fungistasis Testing
Gram Stain
API — Microbial Identification
Endotoxin Testing USP <85>

Technician Lab Testing Person Taking Measurements

Vials with yellow solution